“Those Houligans Playing Cards”
The other night, I was sitting in the common room trying to type a blog when a group of teenagers and a few adults decided to play SPOONS. A card game where they pass the cards and try to get a set of four and then steal a spoon from the middle. If you do not grab a spoon then you are out. They were being extremely Loud. I am not sure any of the adults wanted to claim them as theirs. Well, alright St. Johns Youth and Chef Mike along with Pastor Mark were at the table – I guess we did have to claim them. At one point, we might have seen Pastor Mark leap from his chair, almost lay across the table just to grab a spoon from Ryan. The competition was fierce! A few times an ear piercing scream could be heard from Ashley as she tried to grab a spoon. I believe Abra might have been the quietest one at the table. You could hear Ryan directing RJ on how to pass the cards. Who would win? In the end, it was Ryan against Abra and Ashley. It really did not matter who won, as long a Ryan did not win. The girls then proceeded to dance around with arms up in the air.

Okay, needed to tell you about that – now for the last couple of days. Blogging every day is hard! I cannot seem to keep up. That must mean I am working hard.

First, a correction for Tuesdays blog. I stated, “Tim S. and Ryan S. can be caught near the saw bickering over how many tenths of an inch to cut.” – Did you know you only cut by 8 of an inch or 16 of an inch? That is why I am not allowed to cut on the saw.
This will be a quick briefing of Wednesday and Thursday together! Yes, I am cheating.

We all worked, Team One and Team Two, mudding, taping, priming, painting, trim molding, door hanging, baseboards and anything else. Hard working crews. Team One will be doing flooring tomorrow, they have progressed. Team Two was told that the house they are working on was 4 weeks behind schedule before we got there, now they are only 2 weeks behind.

At Wednesday morning breakfast, chef Derick told us his story – his witness. When he moved to New Orleans, he was out or work with the economy downturn, he was a drug addict and turned back to drugs. He found St. Jude’s church, he found a home in the church. He saw that they needed a chef to cook for the meals they served, he was hired. Unfortunately, he still was on drugs. He told us that seeing the work that the community center does and all the volunteers that come through the community center helped him make the decision to get off drugs and stay clean. The Community Center and the volunteers is what keeps him clean.
Wednesday some of us took off a little early and did a tour around New Orleans. Milton Carr, a Mardi Gras Indian took us around the St. Louis Cemetery #1. We learned about all the history and how they mourn life and celebrate death. We then ventured over to Armstrong park to learn about the history of Jazz Music. We learned about Big Chief “Tootie” , Big Queen and the Wild Man. The costumes they make and design – AMAZING! We saw the actual costumes in a visit to the Back Street Cultural Museum.

Thursday, back to work early for another full day of working. We started off the day with a Birthday song at breakfast for Ashley’s 18th birthday. Yes she chose to spend her special birthday with us. We ended the day with a birthday cake for Ashley at Sande’s home. Some sneaky cohorts, stole her shirt, ordered a cake, filled the back of the car with some balloons (Keith and Abra) so that her day would be special. I think it was!

The days are full, we are all tired but what we are all getting out of the work that we are doing for these homeowners is so much more.

One more day – we are going to work extra hard to acomplish what we want to finish on this last day!

Michelle Strate

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