Last year St. John’s sent eight work teams to the Dover Children’s Home. We painted most of the interior, and worked on landscaping projects. We had a terrific experience helping to brighten this home for abused and neglected children. Think about how much better you feel after your room, your home or your yard receive this kind of attention. Each child and each staff member benefit from our sending work teams. We are family to them, and their home does not receive this care without community volunteers.

Again in 2013 our local mission work is dedicated to Dover Children’s Home. This opportunity is especially attractive to those who cannot join our nine-day St. Bernard Project VIM teams in New Orleans. All levels of skill are needed, including those who think they have none. A comprehensive project list and sign-up sheet are posted on the Hartford Hall Outreach board. There is something for everyone, and lunch is included!

Work Dates are May 14 & 21, from 9:00am – 2:00pm. Additional work dates are May 23 & 28. These days are short because we can only work on these projects during school hours. Sign up for the dates you are available, or call me at 603.557.5781.

Patrick Murphy

May 5th update – details of projects not necessarily in order of importance:

1. Dismantle any remaining washing machines for transport to the metal recycling center for cash.

2. In conjunction with #1, all metal under the PILOT House back deck transported to recycling.

3. Major clean-out of Gary’s work area in prep for future creation of a workshop for DCH.

4. Major clean-up of Timberland room and hallway in basement.

5. After clean-out of the work area, prime and paint wood trim around windows in work area.

6. Paint trim white in third bedroom of PILOT House.

7. If someone would be willing to sort through the donated copier paper, that would save us lots of hours in the future