Through the generosity of Gus and Pauline Korn, St. John’s United Methodist Church will be able to offer scholarships to deserving students at St. John’s United Methodist Church. The scholarships are available to St. John’s members who have been accepted into degree-granting programs.

In 1999 the Scholarship Committee, formed by the Nominations and Personnel Committee, reviewed the stipulations of the bequest and the needs of students. The members were particularly concerned about providing for high school seniors entering a degree-granting program for the first time and ensuring that the funding available from the interest on this bequest will be adequately distributed among eligible students. Based on these discussions, they established the following criteria:

1. The applicants must be in a degree-granting program.

2. Students must be active members of St. John’s United Methodist Church. The St. John’s Scholarship Committee in consultation with the pastor will make the decision on what constitutes an active member.

3. High school seniors entering a degree-granting program for the first time shall be given preference in consideration for scholarships. Remaining funds will be distributed to upper class and graduate level students up to a maximum of $1,000 per student per year not to exceed $5,000 life-time total from the “KORN FAMILY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP”.

4. For high school seniors, scholarships will be forwarded directly to the college to be applied to second semester’s tuition. Scholarships for other eligible students will be sent directly to the college they are attending to be applied to the ensuing semester’s tuition.

5. If a freshman student should withdraw from college before the second semester but return at another point, he or she will be eligible to receive the scholarship award at the time of his or her re-entrance or transference.