We have an opening in our Dover program for a Program Coordinator. Please look at the responsibilities below and let Claire Bloom know if you are interested.

The Program Coordinators will be responsible for running their own program site including recruiting, supervising, and providing ongoing guidance to the Production Team Leaders and Teams and the Supply Team Leaders and Teams specific to their site, determining what food will be distributed in the backpacks and liaison with the school system in all matters. In the absence of any team leaders, the Program Coordinators will be responsible for that function until a Team Leader can be recruited and trained for that responsibility. The Program Coordinators will be responsible for all Fund Raising and Donation programs for their site, as well as finding and arranging for space for their Production and Supply needs. The Program Coordinators will be responsible for forwarding to the Executive Director all accounting reports on the first of every month for the previous month, and will ultimately be accountable for ensuring that 100% of all donated funds are used to purchase food for the program. The Program Coordinator is responsible for providing the correct and updated numbers of backpacks for each school, by gender, to the Production Team Leader responsible for that week.

That breaks down into the following responsibilities which fall in the following categories:

Email Communication

* Communicate with school personnel about the number of students enrolled in the program and any allergies
* Communicate with packing team leaders about changes in routines and schedules
* Communicate with civic organizations and corporations about funding and food drives
* Recruiting and communicating with grocery pick up teams and teams to put groceries away Finances
* Fund raising and accounting for all funds raised and money spent

Organization and Administration

* Maintaining space (rodent control, neatness, lights, keys)
* Keeping food stocks sufficient for need
* Ordering food, picking up food, sorting food, and ensuring first in first out
* Picking up food from collection points
* Making changes as needed to quantity and type of food included in bags
* Clearing all fund requests through the Executive Director
* Sending monthly accounting reports to Executive Director
* Thank you notes and certificates for donations
* Printing brochures and posters for activities and publicity
* Reporting events to the Executive Director for Facebook and the web site
* Maintaining all records and receipts
* Reporting to Executive Director Annual Report

Public Speaking

* Speaking to any and all groups as required