We Need Your Help!!

Vacation Bible School is sneaking up on us quickly and we still need many volunteers, won’t you please sign up to help out? It would be great if you could sign up for the whole week, however we know with todays busy schedules we are not all able to do that. We have many spots to fill each day anywhere from 45 minutes up through the 4 hour full day commitment. If you have some time to spare please call Wendy K 742-9676 or email sundayschool@stjohnsdover.org

Here are some positions we still need filled :

Telly Ticket (Assembly Leader): Practice and prepare with the Goodwin Puppeteer for each Session’s opening and closing assemblies.

Goodwin Merrifeather (Puppeteer): Practice and prepare with Telly Ticket for the opening and closing assemblies.

Bible Drama Characters: Practice the script to know order of Bible story well enough to perform without a script.

Session 1: Sarah and Abraham Welcome the Visitors – Abraham, Sarah & Three travelers

Session 2: A Widow Gives Cheerfully – Elijah, Widow & God

Session 3: Good Samaritan: A Bold Neighbor – Jesus, Legal expert, Two or three listeners (non-speaking), Man going to Jericho, Two robbers (non-speaking), Priest (non-speaking), Levite (non-speaking), Samaritan man, Innkeeper

Session 4: Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus – Jesus, Barnabas, Zacchaeus, Three people to be the crowd

Session 5: God Welcomes Everyone – Peter, Cornelius, Angel,Three messengers,Two or three relatives (non-speaking), Two sheet holders (non-speaking)

Craft Leader: Prepare the craft so children can see what they will be making. Give step by step instructions for how to complete each projects.

Help Decorating: Lead decorating volunteers in constructing and displaying the decorations.

Friendtastic Faith Guides: Assist the children in activity time as needed. Share Scripture Souvenir Memory verses and Friendship Phrases throughout each session.

Photographer: We are in need of someone Wed., Thurs., & Fri.Attend VBS each day. Capture the fun and excitement in the activities.

New Time Table for Classes:

8:30am -20 min. assembly time
8:50am – 50 min. Bible Story
9:40am – 30 min. snack time & reflection time
10:10am – 40 min. craft time
10:50am – 30 min. discovery time
11:20am – 30 min. music
11:50am – 20 min. recreation time
12:10pm – 20 min. closing assembly

4 hour program all times include travel time if we switch classes, based on participation we may need to break in age appropriate groups for classes, which would mean class arrangements may change but times would remain approximately the same. The class times are approximate we do want to take the time for Bible Story longer if needed. We also placed recreation as the last time slot for the day so if needed that would be the event we would delete for the day as we have at times in the past.

On Friday July 26th we will do a “ Friends and Family” Assembly from 11:30am – 12:30pm and the students will share the songs they learned along with their creations and take you for a visit to the countries they visited. Come one, come all and share this 1 hour with our amazing children!