We have arrived safely in Guatemala! our flights went smoothly and we were picked up on time by Salud Y Paz medical team host Kelly and driver Giovanno as well as construction team host Nick. After a few formalities and instructions we stopped at Pollo Campo for lunch and are now enroute to Xela where we will stay the night. We were going to Chichi but the rains here have caused mudslides and the road between Chichi and Cunen is not passable. So we are heading to Xela which is in a different direction from Chichi and about an extra hour or so drive from Guatemala City. So – we are on the chicken bus for the next 4 hrs. We will settle into a retreat center for the night dormatory style. In the morning we will board the bus for a picturesque drive to the Hot Springs. I can’t wait! The hot springs will be a special treat – one we would not have enjoyed had we gone to Chichi. In the afternoon we will head from Xela to Cunen via different roads – although we are still not sure which route we are taking. We
understand it will be a 4+ hour drive tomorrow to Cunen. Could be longer depending on the parades and traffic. Tomorrow is Independence Day here and so there are many many festivities which will be so amazing to experience. I am excited for this team to experience Guatemala and the people. We don’t know any of the folks we will serve in Cunen – yet – but they are already our brothers and sisters in Christ and that bond is so powerful. I feel Gods had on this trip and love just sitting back and letting the Spirit be at work in the hearts of the team members and in the hearts of the folks we serve. We are grateful for your prayers which allow us to be at peace with all the unknowns and leaving behind all of you – our loved ones. Will write later when the opportunity allows!

Blessings, Linda

NOTE: Todd Warfield from St John’s is a member of this team.