Blessings from Guatemala,

Our bus trip from Xela to Cunen ended up being 8+ hours yesterday! We were all quite tired when we finally arrived! It was an amazing ride through the mountains though. The mountains are just so beautiful – almost beyond words. We did encounter a few areas where there had been mudslides and the roads were still partially obscured but for the most part the roads were good. As we were driving and driving I realized just how far into these beautiful mountains we are. Kelly and Nick are exploring a shorter route back for us on Friday. I pray that happens. 8 hours in a chicken bus is a LONG ride!

Today was our first day on mission. Last night I was a little worried about folks because the 2 days of travel was hard. But today was a day filled with the presence of God! The construction team pushed through a lot of their check list for the week. They dug several trenches in search of the water line for the clinic. Thy found it and were able to tap into it for water in exam rooms in the clinic. They also painted and fixed the cracks in the walls that were made by an earthquake. They painted the outside of the clinic. They were visited by several children in the area and were blessed to have a couple of them pray with them (in Spanish) at lunch. They still have ahead making benches for the waiting room, some shelving, and other assorted projects.

The medical team saw 69 patients. We saw all the patients who came to be seen! We have 3 providers seeing patients, two nurses at triage, a pharmacist with a couple of helpers, and one team member who has been taught to do the lab work. Ellen and Valerie joined us and spent the day playing with the children – keeping them busy. The team ran so smooth that I would have never thought we were from more than 17 churches! I sit back in amazement at how God is using both teams to do God’s work and blessing both teams at the same time. We are having an amazing experience and I believe it will only get better.

Blessings from all of us in Guatemala!

Blessings, Linda

NOTE: Todd Warfield from St John’s is a member of this team.