Greetings again from Guatemala!! Another great day for the teams here. The medical team went to La Hacienda today and saw 81 patients. They have never held a clinic in LaHacienda before so the morning was slow – 30 patients. We hired a local to go out in his truck and use a bull horn to announce the clinic and we saw 51 patients this afternoon! It was another awesome day. We were challenged over and over to find solutions that were different from the usual because we didn’t have the right resources and God provided. Steve offered intercessory prayer for the patients after they were seen and I don’t think one patient turned him down. While Steve prayed in English, a local woman translated into Spanish. I know hearts are being opened and lives are being transformed!

The construction team again worked hard painting the outside of the clinic finishing the first coat on the entire building. They also built 4 benches for the waiting room with two more to be built. All of the walls have now been prepared to finish filling in the cracks from the earthquake damage. The team is tired and sore tonight – having worked very hard these past couple of days! It is very humbling to hear about the work they are doing for the people of this area. They are giving so much of themselves.

Worship tonight was filled with touching moments a well as lots of laughter. That coming together of both teams is so wonderful. It is a coming together of heart and soul in ways that are making a huge difference in the lives of the people in this area. I am very proud (if I am allowed to be) of both teams – of how well they are working together and the work that is being done for the glory of God for the people of God.

Again your prayers sustain us and we are thankful to have you on this journey with us.

Blessings from Guatemala!

Blessings, Linda

NOTE: Todd Warfield from St John’s is a member of this team.