It is hard to believe that this week is half over! We have accomplished much and have much to accomplish. I think everyone feels good about the work that has been done.

The construction team readied the clinic for the medical team. Both teams will be working out of the Cunen clinic tomorrow. They finished filling in the cracks from the earthquake, built two more benches, finished painting the outside of the building, poured concrete and an assortment of other things. The medical team will hold clinic there tomorrow so the construction team cleaned it up for us and are very excited to show us the work they have done. We are excited to see their work and to share our experience with them.

The medical team was in the town of Chiul. It seemed to be much more impoverished. The town was crowded, conditions rough. We were supposed to be in a school up on a hill. However the rains washed out the road up to the school and the path for us to walk up to it was not passable so we ended up in a small hall in the center of town. When we arrived the place was packed with people already! We set up and started seeing patients at 9:30. By noon we had seen 50 patients. The patients were much more sick and we sent two to the hospital far away. Mary and Pam entertained a ton of kids today. I think we saw more kids in the clinic than adults. We are now back at the hotel spending down time before dinner.

If the truth was told I think everyone is a bit tired. We have all worked very hard and much has been done. We have passed around the ibuprofen and the Cipro. Some have taken us up on the offer. Despite that we are all well. Spirits are high and souls are being nourished.

Blessings on your day tomorrow. We are thinking of you as often as you are thinking of us!

With Love from Guatemala!

Blessings, Linda