Hi loved ones,
I’m sorry we were not able to write last night. When we returned to the hotel there was no power in the hotel and it was not restored until 9pm. My phone needed charging – it has run into the red zone so… no note. We are now on the road to Panajachel. Yesterday was a day beyond words. The construction team went to the clinic 15 minutes early to make sure it was just right 🙂 They had a cheer and a prayer and when the door was opened for the medical team, we came in through an arch of outstretched arms – hands touching in the middle – an arch of love. It was moving to say the least. They had fixed every crack in every wall, made amazing benches that will be there for generations to come, painted and cleaned. It was just beautiful. We toured the clinic and then each offered our own prayers and blessings into a circle of love – asking God’s blessing on the clinic and on all who will work and be healed there.

The clinic was then set up in no time (boy have we got the process down pat). We then started seeing patients and the construction team went to work painting and building shelving for the storage room. It was a Spirit filled day – the two teams working together. Both teams have used their gifts and their selves to offer healing and wholeness to the people of Cunen and surrounding towns. I can’t wait to return with more combination teams (medical and construction). It was a powerful week and a very powerful day.

The medical team was able to see 309 patients this week (87 in the Cunen clinic). That is just amazing. The National Methodist Church was opened and that is where we played with the children. It sits next to the clinic and is a small very rustic church with a lot of Spirit.

I think we all felt the power of God’s presence in the clinic yesterday. It brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.

We are having to take the long way back to Pana today because of the roads. There are three roads into Cunen and two of them are difficult to pass because of the mudslides. It has rained hard here just about every day. So we are settled in for a long day of travel today. We are going to making it a traveling immersion day. We are soon to stop in Sacapulas – some of the team wants to buy the black salt which is mined from the river here. We will then be stopping at some Mayan Ruins and a large market in Xela, I have made reservations at a restaurant in Pana for tonight – a fun place that has marimbas and when I have been there before they interact with the patrons and it is a lot of fun! Shhhh – that is a surprise for folks.

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers. We have lifted them each night in worship. We have seen a slice of the Kingdom of God here and we are moved beyond words. I suspect some of the team will come back again. God calls….

Blessings, Linda