We are on the bus heading to Guatemala City for our flight. I suspect you won’t get this until tonight but I want to express our sincere thanks for accompanying us on our journey. It has been an amazing journey. Long bus rides, soothing hot springs, daily rains that were heavy heavy causing many mudslides in the mountains, Guatemalan food, spotty Internet, spotty hot water, spotty electricity, beautiful vistas, amazing worship, unceasing prayer, beautiful people, making benches, painting, building shelves, filling in cracks, clean water units, hearing stories, healing, holding hands, offering medications, playing with the children, laughter, tears, grace filled hospitality, Mayan Ruins, Cipro, zip lining, lake Attilan, shopping, volcanos, new friendships, open hearts, and I could go on. I am grateful for each and every team member. They made a huge difference in the lives of the people here. And you my friends are part of all that has happened here. You have prayed for us. You have heard some of the events. You have offered strength and love to us. Each night we offered thanks for you. I am grateful for this journey with this team. It is time to go home and that always feels good but I will be back and I suspect some of your loved ones will go back as well. Your loved ones have been moved and touched in new and exciting ways. God is good and the Spirit is at work.

Blessings, Linda