Greetings to all (from the first arrivers) from the treehouse in Slidell, LA at the edge of a Spanish moss draped swamp teaming with birdsong.

Bruce and Donna McAdam arrived first, and volunteered at the St. Jude Community Center on Thursday feeding over125 homeless people within an hour. Much of the time was spent in prep and table set up as well as preparing food boxes for the few people who had an address . One man picked up two boxes of food and had to carefully balance them on his bicycle.

By far the highlight of the day was the foot washing of the soup kitchen clients in the street with Sister Beth in remembrance of Maundy Thursday. Washing the feet of the poor and praying with them, sometimes to the point of tears, was a humbling and deeply spiritual experience.

Our weekend was spent exploring the coast of Mississippi and downtown New Orleans, worshipping Easter morning with the Bolians at the First United Methodist Church of Slidell, and welcoming team leader Keith Launchbury and grandson Nathan to the treehouse .

On Monday, Bruce and Donna again volunteered at St. Jude’s serving breakfast and lunch and supervising a group of developmentally delayed adults who were also volunteering. Keith and Nathan visited the Destrehan Plantation, where they learned about life in the antebellum south. Nathan particularly liked learning about the 1811 slave revolt.

At 11:30PM we picked up the rest of the team and got home for the night about 1 AM .

Donna McAdam