The Mission Team rocked today, or should I say sheetrocked! The day started with cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde, a great start to any day! After receiving this wonderful treat, we split up and went to the French Market, one part of the team took a horse and carriage ride through the French Quarter and were delighted when the tour operator donated the $140 carriage ride to us as a reward for helping to rebuild homes in her city. The other half of the team walked to the French Market where the two groups reunited to browse the stalls.

After lunch we resumed work on the home we have been working on all week. We split into three groups and I am pleased to say that your prayers for Larry have helped him recover, and so he is almost back to full strength. We worked on three different rooms, and by the end of the day the vast majority of the two houses had been sheetrocked. It truly is incredible how much difference sheetrock can make to the progress of a house. Without sheetrock a house is simply a skeletal frame. The sheetrock is the skin that covers the bones and I was reminded of Ezekiel wondering what God can do with a bunch of old bones. After sheetrock the house begins to take shape and you can imagine people living in it as their home.

We are doing much better as a team, and we managed to go the whole day without any major injuries. Our resident medical expert Sue has been kept busy with splinters, minor cuts and scrapes and it has become a standing joke that everyone needs to see the nurse at least once.

We met Tim, the volunteer coordinator for St. Bernard Project this afternoon and he told us that there will be a Welcome Home Party tomorrow. This is very fortunate as it does not happen every Mission Trip.

A Welcome Home party is when the homeowner gets to take ownership of the house that has just been completed. We get to hear the story and speak directly to the owners of a completed house. This is always a very happy occasion, and we are all looking forward to it. After the Welcome Home party we will go out for some local food at a small restaurant in St. Bernard Parish, before heading to the worksite to complete this weeks work, and hopefully finish all the sheetrock in every room of the two story house we are building.

Keith and Nathan Launchbury