Good morning my lovelies, what a day we had on Friday. It started out with a lovely treat of pecan crescent rolls brought by the Bolians. After we were filled with buttery goodness we made our way to a welcome home ceremony in Gretna. This is a ceremony that is done for the home owners when their house is ready to be lived in. It was most of the volunteers that had been working that week and the representatives of the people who worked on the house. The lucky man is Mr. Gabriel Ambrose, a local who has spent his entire life as a New Orleans native. He is a cab driver and the house they rebuilt for him is his childhood home that he had lived in for 35 years. It has been damaged by Katrina and 3 other hurricanes, during all of which he refused to leave the place he called home. His house reconstruction was funded by both Shell and Dominoes. The ceremony consisted of speeches by both representatives of Shell and Dominoes, one of which was a close friend of his. He was surprised with a big armoire since he had lost all his antiques in the flooding. His last surprise was the announcement that SBP would be finishing the other half of his house, it was a split and up until yesterday only half of it was planned on being done. The reveal of the new project brought most of us to tears. God was definitely there that day, and to see the deep friendship between Gabriel and the Shell representative was very moving.

After the ceremony we made our way to our worksite at Lamanche. There was another group already there and we had our tutorial on mudding. About an hour in we found out that we were at the wrong worksite! I was a little sad, cause I had just started talking with some of the girls from the other group, who were from Seattle. We made our way to our actual worksite where Eric and Michelle were waiting. It was a change from the last site for we were by ourselves and painting the outside (in 90 degree weather!) I had a chance to talk to Eric while painting. I learned that he is from New Jersey(what is with this group always finding the New Englanders down here?!) and he has a degree in history and politics. He and I have the same love for WWII and Civil War history. Mike made a friend next door with a guy named Earl. He was nice enough to see how much our New England selves were suffering in the heat so he gave us a bag of freeze pops. Nate and I offered what was left to children walking by. We got done in the early evening and said our goodbyes to Eric and continued on our busy day. Luckily none of us were injured or severely burned.

We had dinner at a local diner where we scarfed milkshakes (not frappes apparently) and fried goodness. The girls reminisced about the day and how Trina kept finding four leaf clovers while Michaela and Anais tried without success. She credits the success to her red hair, go figure.

After we had our fill we met up with the Bolians who had gotten us tickets to a local theatre. Surprising that this theatre, named the Cutting Edge, is located in a beauty salon. Yes, no need to reread that last part. It is a beauty salon during the day and a theatre at night. We were able to see Annie and were blown away by the performance. Personally my favorite was Miss Hannigan. The owner, Richard, and his partner run it. We were all disappointed that we don’t get to see their other performances coming up, especially Jesus Christ Superstar and the abridged version of Shakespeare.

I definitely saw God working yesterday. I have had a hard time adjusting to things this week and yesterday God assured me that He knows what He is doing. In all the confusion of getting to the worksite and figuring out that we were at the WRONG one, the welcome home and relaxing worksite were a good reminder that God is working here and the important thing is not the work itself but the people who benefit from this work. I look forward to seeing God reveal what is in store next and hope that the next people we meet see that too.


In the words of Annie; “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”

Love ya tomorrow!