The full team is now all in place. Thanks go to Keith, Nathan, Donna and Bruce for making the midnight run to the airport to pick up the remaining team members who came in late Monday night. After a short night of rest, we awoke to sunshine and the chirping of a wide variety of birds here in Slidell.

We had a team meeting in the morning to go over our activities for the week followed by a time for devotions and Holy Communion. The symbols of God’s love was present with us as we found there were many parallels between our 11 person team meeting in the “upper room” of our “Tree House” here in Slidell, just after Easter, to the 11 Disciples who met in the Upper Room following the death and Resurrection of Jesus and being commissioned by Jesus to go, serve and spread the Word.

After a quick lunch, the team departed to the worksite for the home we are helping to rebuild. Currently we are working on hanging drywall in a home that will eventually be rented out as affordable housing. Even though the house won’t be turned back over to its original owner, the need for sound affordable housing in the area is great as there is still so much devastation in the area. It is unfortunate to see neighborhoods that still have many homes ravaged – sitting untouched and uninhabitable after all this time. We see these reminders for a short time – these people see it every day.

We had a great afternoon shift working alongside a young group of people from a leadership youth group from a school in Salem Massachusetts. Although the quarters were tight and we sometimes got in each other’s way, the spirit of what we were all called there to do was prevalent and we helped each other when we could. It made the day go by fast and made the work fun.

Finally, after the days work was over, we returned home to a fabulous meal put on by Mike and Tish, who had stayed behind in order to do the prep work for our meals for the week. Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without the homemade goodies from Donna and Charles Bolian – our local angels who are doing so much to make our time here such a great experience.

In His service,

Larry Holman