The people of St. John’s United Methodist Church will present a worship service in the style of Taize on Wednesday evening, May 21 at the church in Dover.
The evening will begin at 6:30 PM, with Bible Study, followed by the service at 7 PM – all in the sanctuary of the church.
The Taize community began in a village of that name, in occupied France during World War II.  The founder, Brother Roger, had a vision of overcoming the hatred and violence of the war by establishing a community where Catholics and Protestants could live a life of simplicity and peace serving God together.  He hoped that such a vision would inspire others to find both God and reconciliation in their lives.
Today the Taize community is made up of approximately 100 brothers from over thirty countries.  The community has discovered a calling to welcome young people, and during the summer months as many as 5,000 people under the age of 30 travel to Taize every week to live simply and pray together.
Taize prayer services are designed to invite everyone to form a community together while also allowing for personal prayer and reflection before God.  There are three main components to every service:  singing, reading of Scripture and prayers, and silence.
The singing is simple, meditative, and often in many different languages to allow those who are gathered to come together as people from many countries and cultures.
The Scripture readings are brief, and come from the study that was done before the beginning of the worship service.  To allow us to be grounded in a relationship with God and Christ.
Both the singing and readings help to quiet our minds and open our souls, preparing us for a lengthy period of silence, usually 8-12 minutes, at the center of the service.
All people are welcome to attend this service at the church, which is located at 28 Cataract Avenue in Dover, and is fully handicapped accessible.  Ample parking is available.  For more information, call the church office (603-742-3046), or check the church’s website (