As you may have seen in the conference newsletter, there is a shortage of a variety of UMCOR relief-supply kits. The Sisters small group would like to put some cleaning buckets together to bring to Annual Conference as a mission project before breaking for the summer. These buckets of cleaning supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane. We are hoping the congregation would like to assist our efforts by donating items for the buckets. The items needed are

* 5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
* Bleach (two 1-quart or one 82 oz. bottle)
* 5 scouring pads
* 7 Sponges
* 1 scrub brush
* 18 cleaning towels (reusable wipes, not terrycloth)
* Liquid laundry detergent (two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottle)
* 1 household cleaner, 12-16 oz. bottle
* Disinfectant dish soap, 16-28 oz. bottle
* 50 clothes pins
* Clothes line (two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.)
* 5 dust masks
* 2 pair latex gloves
* 1 pair work gloves
* 24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags, 33-45 gallon (remove roll from box before placing in bucket)
* 1 Insect repellant spray, 6-14 oz. can (If aerosol, cans must have protective caps. See special requirements below.*)
* 1 Air freshener, 8 or 9 oz. can (If aerosol, cans must have protective caps)

More information can be found at

Items can be left in the bin in the Narthex by June 8th. Thank you in advance for your generosity!