Our third day of the mission trip started with a change to our itinerary. SBR needed our team at another site, so we joined Koffi and Miriam at a client site on Church St in Sea Bright. Both are Americorps volunteers and a complete pleasure to work with on the job site.

The biggest surprise of tyhe day..no drywall work!!! Our whole team spent the work day doing a variety of jobs at the clients home. Our client for today was Eric, a single parent who commutes to NYC daily and was slowly working to repair damage from Sandy. With work commitments, he realized that it was going to take a very long time to get home so he reached to SBR for help.

Avery and Cheri worked on prepping subfloors by belt sanding and vacuuming. Then they spent the rest of the day cutting and putting down underlayment in the rear of the first floor of Eric’s house. Most likely they will be doing flooring tomorrow as well.

Lenny and Mike started the day by cleaning up the side and back yard and hauling the debris to a large contractors dumpster delivered yesterday. While in the side yard, we noticed Eric’s US flag hanging from one corner on tattered rope. With Koffi’s approval, we bought new rope and clips at the local hardware store and had it hanging properly after lunch. The rest of our day was spent repairing sub flooring in preparation for the laminate flooring. We also worked to repair a crank out casement window but the damage from the salt water made us realize new parts needed to be ordered. Another job for a new team.

We all agreed today went by quickly. It may have been the beautiful weather, the project work, or working with amazing Americorps volunteers. We ended another busy day very tired, hungry and ready for a shower.

Tomorrow is our last day and we will be putting in a full work day before heading home. The best part is we won’t be covered in drywall dust for the 6 hour drive. The update for last will most likely not be posted until Saturday.

Our project home in Sea Bright:


Cleanup to be done first day on site:


Working with Americorps site supervisor: