The “Good Earth Garden” is calling you!!

The Good Earth Garden has once again provided us with an abundance of flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is truly a place of meditation. The bench, given to us by Gorham Rowell in memory of Jerry Small, is a good place to sit. It reminds us of the past, and centers us on sacred ground. The plants become like people. If you listen, they will speak to you of their needs, memories, adversities and joys. It is up to us to provide the time and care. Many known and unknown people in need have received its gifts. That is what is meant to be a servant of the Lord.

“Diligence” is the word that comes to me this year as I have worked in the garden. God expects diligence from each of us. We must always be ready for the changes God makes in our lives. When the woodchucks came, it reminded me it was time to rebuild fences. With the loss of my mother last year, the garden has also served as good therapy and connection.

This year, St. John’s garden has been blessed with Julia Pond and Eric Secor joining our garden crew. If you wish to have your own garden plot for next year, let me know by March, 2015. The “Good Earth” will be just waiting for you.

To the someone who has promised us a lawn mower, we are exceedingly thankful. To Guy Eaton, who has repaired our wheelbarrow, it is now made useable. To the people from Open House who bought our raspberries and produce, we now have a new garden hose. Each gift has been multiplied to another use.

We hope your palate is ready for our annual garden supper scheduled Saturday, September 20th, from 4:30 till 6 PM. We are planning to have a variety of soups: sweet pumpkin, broccoli/chicken alfredo, chili, fresh pea, vegetable and turtle black bean/sausage soup. I think I have talked my son into making his famous “John’s Kale Chips.” To round out the menu, not to be missed, we will also have a variety of salads, zucchini bread, corn bread, and fruit & berry desserts. As always, the organic “Good Earth Garden” really decides the menu and recipes. We just put it together with God’s blessing. On a lighter note, we will not be having weeds even though there is abundance.

Blessings, Marsha Pelletier