St. John’s Annual Harvest & Holly Fair and Silent Auction
Saturday, November 1st 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served. Other highlights include Bake Sale, pie sale, candy sale, Christmas Wreaths, White Elephant Room, Book Room, Crafts and gifts, knife sharpening,

Fashion Boutique, Jewelry Sale and more! Items for the silent auction are needed. These can include gift certificates. (See Joanne Eaton if you have questions.)

We’re ready to make this year’s Fair and Auction bigger and better than ever but it can’t happen without YOU!

Volunteer Opportunities for the Fair are:

* Clean-up and prep work for Breakfast & Lunch – MaryAnne MacKenzie, 692-7465
* Set-up the Book Room call Todd Warfield, 343-4890
* Help with the Craft Rooms call Carolyn Reichert, 335-4484 or Judy Strate, 692-2739
* Help with White Elephant Room
* Bakers, Crafters, Sewers, Knitters and Crocheters.
* General help in setting-up and clean-up – call Guy Eaton, 749-3710
* Volunteer Opportunities for the Silent Auction are: 8 am – 12 noon
* Help to collect and log items call Joanne Eaton, 749-3710
* Table monitors during the Auction call Joanne Eaton, 749-3710
* New and handmade items for the auction (this is a great time to re-gift items)
* General help in setting up and clean-up – call Guy Eaton, 749-3710

Due to a variety of reasons, we have lost some key people this year and we need volunteers to help in these areas. Help is especially needed in setting up before the fair in the White Elephant Room at this time. Help is also needed to set up jewelry and Hannah’s Boutique. This is our largest single fundraiser of the year. Thanks to your support, the proceeds from the Fair and Auction help fund the ministries of St. John’s.