Dear Friends,

I’m fortunate in that most of the first page of the week’s “News & Notes” has been written for me – I simply needed to “cut ‘n paste.”  So let me begin with the words of others:

I’m currently seeking a volunteer to be in charge of posting the sign-up sheets for our monthly public suppers. Templates have been created for each sheet so the job would be to coordinate with me, edit, print and post them in Hartford Hall 2-3 weeks prior to the dinner. I’m also looking for someone who would be willing to pick up the turkeys from Janetto’s Market in Dover on months when turkey is on the menu. The turkeys would need to be picked up Thursday morning prior to the dinner and dropped off at St John’s.   An associate from the market will load them into your vehicle. Contact me at  if interested or just find me at church. Thanks! Mike Weinberger

Won’t you please consider coming to help the Trustees with the fall cleanup on October 18 (between 8 AM and Noon)?  And invite someone to come with you?  There is always more on the list than the Trustees can do alone.  Even if you can only come for an hour….wash two windows….clean four tables….it would really help.  Thank you for considering it – many hands make light work!  If you can’t come please don’t feel guilty but St. John’s buildings and grounds could use any extra hands.  Gael Phillips

Ok, my friends.  The air is cooling off and I’m starting to think of my annual mission trip fund raiser. Last year’s lasagna sales were great so I’ve decided to run them again. As always they’re homemade from scratch and come in three sizes: small (feeds4-6) $20, medium (feeds 6-12) $30 and large (feeds 12-24) $60. You can choose from meat, vegetable or 3 cheese. They freeze well and come with cooking instructions.  The holidays are coming up fast so get your orders in!  Thanks for helping out this worthwhile cause.  Mike Weinberger

Front Porch Sale to benefit the Rummage sale.  It is 10/11 from 8-12 at 344 Main Street in Somersworth and features clothes from Coldwater Creek, J-Jill, Talbots, etc.  Nothing is over $5.  Any person who has other things they want to give to this effort may call me (692-7465) and either bring their items here or to the church by Friday and I’ll sell them with mine.  Thanks, MaryAnne MacKenzie

“I will not be at church on Sunday and we will be in need of a few subs to help out with Sunday School. Due to the Dover School system’s long weekend some people have been able to spend a little more time with their families.  If you could help out and are available, please, please contact Debbie Hollis and let her know. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated.  Wendy Kettlewood”

Last Saturday some folks from St. John’s staffed our “Imagine No Malaria” booth at the Apple Harvest Day.  I want to thank them all – especially the brains behind the operation, Brenda Borchers.  We didn’t raise all that much money for “the cause,” but I hope we raised awareness of lots of folks.  While a number of people in the crowd mentioned (and rightly so) concern for the ebola crisis, it occurred to me that more people in Africa die from malaria every ten days than have died from this entire ebola outbreak.  And really, the issue isn’t “either or” (i.e. you only address the malaria problem or the ebola problem).  The real response of disciples of Christ is “both-and” – to work to eradicate both illnesses.

We had a small but might “band” of people present for the Blessing of the Animals service on Sunday afternoon.  Some of you will be relieved to learn that I didn’t have to face my fear of horses – they didn’t come.  Whew!  I survived to tell another story.  But we praised God and had a great time together.  Check out the pictures on our congregation’s facebook page.

A couple things have been accomplished around the church this week.  Chuck Cheney (Donna McAdam’s brother), Andy Galt and Guy Eaton mounted the new sign on the front of the Christine Skidds Building.  It looks wonderful, and honors the memory of our sister-in-Christ, Christine, who loved the End 68 Hours of Hunger program that is housed in the new “Skidds Building.”

And the Trustees lined up and had completed the sealing of the cracks that appeared in our “new” parking lot last winter.  I don’t know if it will hold off new cracks or not, but we’re doing our best to keep things lookin’ good!

You’re probably going to be very happy to hear that the CROP Walk is almost here, so I’ll stop “nagging” about it!!  A couple of our St. John’s Church walkers have had to back away from walking, so we’ll have only a few folks walking.  I hope you’ll support us as we work with other folks around the area – and around the world, actually – to alleviate hunger.  You can still catch one of us during Coffee Fellowship this Sunday, and give us your pledge!!

And relative to the CROP Walk, I sent out a brief note earlier this week, asking for help with the CROP Walk registration desk.  I am very pleased to say that more than enough folks responded, and offered to help!!  Thanks very much – ALL of you!!

You know something?  Our Harvest & Holly Fair and Silent Auction are only three weeks away!!  Wow, it’s comin’ fast!  What are you doing to help make it the best event ever?  If everyone helps out in some way, it’ll sure come close.  Do you have some costume jewelry that you no longer need?  How ’bout donating it?  How about some quality women’s dress clothes?  Hannah Boutique would love to have those to sell!  The book/video room could use your no-longer needed favorites – and the craft room is always looking for more handmade items from your wonderful work.  And then there’s your in-good-condition, clean white elephant items that will “populate” the White Elephant room.  But the candy/fudge table and the baked items table always sell out early – and more things would be wonderful.  Last year’s new pie table was a big hit, too.  Be sure to come early for breakfast – and be there for lunch, too . . . MaryAnne’s kitchen will feed you well!   And while you’re sitting at the table, eating, you can be looking at the wreath display – deciding what ribbon you’d like for your wreath order.  All this happens while bids are being accepted on the items on the Silent Auction tables, too!  Bid early and bid often!!  There are ALWAYS some great deals to be had!!  In only three weeks!!

For those who love puns (or something to bring a smile to your face):
Apparently, someone in London gets stabbed every 52 seconds. Poor guy.
I tried to catch fog yesterday, Mist.
Why did the scarecrow get a raise? He was outstanding in his field.
Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet.
Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they’re gonna pay. You have my Word.
My wife accused me of being immature.  I told her to get out of my fort.
What do you call a woman on the arm of a banjo player?  A tattoo.
I called a psychic once.  She asked who was on the line, so I hung up.
I took the shell off my racing snail, thinking it would make him run faster.  If anything, it made him more sluggish.

That’s all I can think of for today.  See you in church!  Peace, Mark