A very special meeting of the congregation has been set

Our Lay Leader, Todd Warfield, has felt a call from God to become a pastor within the United Methodist Church. He has begun the process that is required by our denomination, and is working his way through “the steps.”

One “step” was to meet with our Staff/Parish Relations Committee, and seek their recommendation to our congregation that he be recommended by all of us to the District Committee on Ordained Ministry – to be accepted as a “Certified Candidate” for ministry. Some of us might remember this process back in 2005, when Bill Humphrey went through the same thing.

So the next step is for our congregation to hold a congregational meeting, where Todd will share the story of his sense of “call,” and where anyone can ask him questions about that call.

To that end, our Church Council has set a special Charge Conference (where anyone can speak, and the privilege of a vote is given to members of the church) for Monday, November 24th at 7 PM. Please put the meeting on your calendar and plan to attend!!

Praise God, from whom all blessing flow!