Pastor Mark offers classes for new members and those with questions

Have you been part of our congregation for some time but never “joined” the church? Or have you questions about the church, and just what it is that we believe? Do you know for certain that you would like to join? Of do you know you DON’T want to join, but would be interested in learning more?

Well, to help all of those who would answer “yes” to any of those questions, Pastor Mark is offering a two-part class – on Tuesday, March 10 and Tuesday, March 17, from 7 till 9 PM.

We’ll ask what your questions might be, and take a stab at answering them. And we’ll also talk about St. John’s story, and how that fits into the bigger United Methodist story. We’ll talk some theology and some business and even a little politics.

Have questions? Speak to Mark. He would love to have you join the group – whether you’ll formally be joining the congregation or not.