The items we need assembled for the Spring Fling snack table are posted in Hartford Hall.

If you are willing to put one of these items together and bring it to church, we will take it over to the Seymour Osman Community Center.

However, if you are only available to meet us at the Event that would be great! Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you!

Education Committee

Directions to the event from St. John’s UMC 28 Cataract Avenue, Dover NH:

  • Turn left on Rutland Ave
  • Turn Left on Silver St.
  • Turn right on Arch St.
  • Turn Left on Washington
  • Washington becomes Whittier
  • Stay to your right on Whittier (Toland Rd to left, on right side there is a corner store)

Mineral Park is on the right side you will take Hampshire Circle (this road is a “U” shape) into the development and the Seymour Osmon Center will be on your left at the second turn in the “U”. There is parking in front of the community center as well as parking on the sides of the street. We will meet at St. John’s at 12:15pm on Saturday 3/28 and will carpool those who will be helping or you may follow in your vehicle.