Are you willing to “go paperless” and receive the Bell-Wether electronically?

It’s entirely your choice. We want to make sure you receive the Bell-Wether each month in a format that is comfortable for you. If that means having it mailed to you in print form, that’s fine with us! If that’s what you want, there is no need to notify us – we will keep sending your Bell-Wether in print form each month.

However, recognizing that there are a lot of “computer-savvy” folks out there, we’d like to know how many of you would be comfortable receiving the Bell-Wether in your email and reading it as a PDF document. That would cut down on the number of copies we have to print and mail.

If you are willing to switch to this method of receiving the Bell-Wether, please email Donna Capern at Make sure she knows what email to use when we send the Bell-Wether to you. We hope to begin sending electronic versions of the Bell-Wether beginning with the April issue.

If for any reason you do not wish to receive the Bell-Wether any longer, please email Sandy Dearborn at church