Dear family and friends,

Day one is complete and what a day it was! It was a day filled with experiences and encounters, and stories we will remember for a long time.

The water team installed one unit and have scoped out where the other two units will be placed. They have designed the plans for the installation. They also started stuccoing the exterior wall of the clinic. Today Todd joins Roger, Steve, and Gerard in that venture. I think there is also a ram to be built this week! They had the experience of helping to carry the pastor’s daughter up the steep hill to their home from an ambulance and then spending time with the family. Such an honor and blessing for everyone, I know!

The medical team saw 69 patients in LaBarrucca. We were at a school and I think Sharon and Meredith polished 200 sets of nails as well as a ton of other activities with the multitude of children. We had to turn away 14 people at the end of the day and it was heartbreaking. Setting up the first day takes more time and getting into the groove of a medical team who has never done this together before can take time. By the afternoon we had seen many patients and people were settling into their roles. By the end of the day a medical team had formed and we were feeling good about the work we had done, the relationships we had formed with our local interpreters (who do a fantastic job), and our work together as a team.

As I write this there is an excited chatter on the bus as we head to the next site – Chiul.

Last night over worship we shared the celebrations and the difficult moments of the day. I am always amazed at how God can be present in so many places at once, but God was present everywhere yesterday. The issues here are not much different from home but our resources to handle them are more limited. I think many came to a realization of how blessed we are to have what we have at home.

We are handing out lots and lots of vitamins and that is such a blessing from many of you! Thank you! Pregnant women who are not on vitamins graciously accept the gift as do all of the people. We saw a lot of children yesterday! We had a little girl who was albino and had no sunglasses – and it was clear the sun bothered her eyes tremendously. I wish we had had some sunglasses for her. The family had no access to them for many reasons. We talked with mom about the need for shielding from the sun for her. No one had talked with them before about that.

There were many many coughs yesterday. But they burn wood in their homes and are exposed to dust and smoke. Lots of educational opportunities : )

I am excited to see what this day holds. I am sure God will be ever present in all things – guiding, leading, blessing.

We are here so I will sign off asking for your prayers and blessings for our work today and for the people of this community and the water team.

Thanks for being with us on the journey!

Love and blessings from Guatemala!!