Hola from Guatemala!

We are off again to our work sites. The construction team continue to work on water units and stuccoing the exterior of the clinic. Todays pictures will be from that team (I finally got some of their pics). They seem to be having some fun and getting much work done. Clarissa (exec dir of Salud Y Paz) was with them at the beginning of the week and she swapped out with John yesterday. I met John last night – he was covered with cement : ) They have the pleasure of working with the Pastor as well. He is a Godly man. I am sure his presence offers much grace to their team. Mike D. joined the construction team today as well.

The medical team is headed back to Chiul. It is market day in Chiul today so we expect to be even busier today. We saw 72 patients yesterday which is amazing! The town of Chiul is very poor and patients don’t have money to get the medications they need or to get the care is recommended. We give as much medication as we can but it is hard when they need eye care and can’t afford to get to the clinic in Camanchaj for the care. In this town we saw more diabetes and hypertension. I also saw a lot of eye conditions from sun exposure. They don’t have sunglasses. The team continues to offer and receive love in so many ways. God is very good and is using every member of this team as a conduit of His love. God is also using the people of Chiul in mighty ways to give back to us – a tear, eye connection, a touch of the
hand, a heartfelt thank you…

As we drive I am glancing out the window at the beautiful mountainous countryside in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation! Thanks be to God for all that we are experiencing here in this beautiful place with beautiful people.

I should mention that the entire region was without power yesterday and so we worked (both teams) without power and ate dinner by candlelight. The power came back on in time for worship and then went out in the midst, so back to worship by candlelight and flashlight. This is not unusual. Power can be potty at times. Looks like we have power today!.

Will write again soon. Keep the love and prayers coming!

Love from all of us to all of you.
Linda and Team!