It is hard to believe it is Wednesday evening already. We have had 3 great work days here in Guatemala! Tomorrow we head out to a community that is only a 15 minute drive so I though it best to write tonight – if I can stay awake long enough to write it : )

The construction team (Mike, Roger, Steve, Gerard, and Todd) continues to stucco. Seems there is a process of layering with some sanding or scraping in between – so it takes time! The third water unit was installed today as planned. The construction group has been small in number but mighty in work! And yet – Gerard has found time to support the locals through having his shoes shined! And shine they do!!

The medical team saw 105 patients today. How crazy is that! Rupert and I saw some sick folks today and a ton of crying children! Although we could not have done it without the support group we have had. Our local interpreters have been great. Wanda and David have done an amazing job at triage. Peter and Carole handed out the medication prescribed for folks and used their Spanish to give instructions. Jim, Sharon, and Eileen were behind the pharmacy, counting and bagging and pulling to fill the orders while Robin tried to shepherd the motley pharmacy crew : ) Meredith was flexible today – working in the lab, handing out toys, counting pills, putting labels on bags etc. It is all about working together as a team so that the patients who need to be seen can be seen! I never felt rushed or pushed. Patients waited patiently to be seen. Rupert and I took time with patients and listened to their concerns and offered them what we could. Somehow that translated into a lot of patients being seen in one day!

I always have a day where the realization sinks in that my desire to offer the patients so much more than what I have to offer weighs heavy on my heart. Today was that day. We had some very sick children and often I felt inadequate. No meclizine for vertigo. No antidepressants or medications for folks who had lost babies recently, who were alone and scared. No counseling. No ability to deal with a baby with a 104.7 temp and a history of one month of diarrhea and a 10 day cough as well as being so lethargic I had to look closely to see if she was breathing. (We sent her to the local “hospital”) And then I get over myself and realize how much we have as a team offered. And tonight I was reminded that God takes all of that and makes so much more of it – so much so that we may never be in the place to know the impact of offering ourselves and the meager offerings we brought! I needed that reminder tonight and was grateful for it!

So we are all off to get some much needed rest so that we can head back to our work sites tomorrow feeling refreshed and renewed. I am offering prayers tonight for each of you – thankful that you are on the journey with us and support us with your prayers – and prayers that you too are refreshed for a new day tomorrow.

We all send our love and feel the love you send us!

Love and blessings from Guatemala!