Greetings this morning from Cunen Guatemala! It is our last morning here. We are soon to have breakfast and head out on an immersion experience – visiting homes – and then to Panajachel for a day of relaxation before heading home.

The construction team yesterday (Mike, Todd, Steve, Gerard and host John) finished some of the stuccoing they were working as well as testing the water units – water tests were perfect. Mike gave an idea last night of the things they did – sifted gravel until the sand was fine enough to make the stucco material, mix concrete by hand, hand up pail after pail of sand to the top of the ladder, climb the hill to the pastors house too many times to count to work on the water units, and much more intense labor. I am grateful for their ability to do that work and willingness to work in the hot sun. The people of this community really are grateful for the clinic – a clinic that is open in part because of the work we did last year to make it ready and the money we have given graciously to help hire the doctor and staff needed to run the clinic as well as the medicines to give out to the patients. (We still continue to collect donations for the Cunen clinic to keep it open). You have all been a part of the clinic through your generosity.

The medical team finished the week at a clinic in Aldea Los Trigales. We were at a school and there was a multitude of children everywhere! Oh. My. Gosh. Do they have excitement and energy. We set up the clinic quite quickly and saw 98 patients. Roger joined the medical team and worked in the pharmacy. It was an easier day. People were not as sick. There is a ton of heartburn in children and adults – I assume because of the consumption of spicy foods and coffee at a very early age. Many women work in the fields and wear very flimsy flat shoes and so I saw a lot of knee and leg pain as well as back pain from bending over in the fields. One man I saw was sent to the hospital for a work up for chest pain. He is 43 and has had 3 months of pain in the chest and shortness of breath with exertion. It is so bad that he can’t work to support his wife and 7 children. So his wife and some of the children have had to work to feed the family. I pray for all of the folks in all of the places that we have visited. Each person touches a part of my heart and my heart retains a piece of them. Good thing hearts can overflow without pain : )

Last night we ate dinner together for the last in Cunen and worshipped together. Today we have visited the clinic that we have all worked to
open – you and I. It is amazing to see the doctors name on the door and see the set up that reveals a working clinic! We also visited some homes and met the families and saw how they lived. We prayed with them and have made arrangements for food and supplies to be delivered. It was a blessing and an honor to be invited into their homes. We visited the pastor’s daughter who broke her leg and she was in pain so we left pain reliever for her.

We are now on the road to Panajachel with a brief stop in Chichi and at the clinic in Camanchaj. I lovethe beautiful vistas as we travel! We have been blessed over and over on this trip and we have given of ourselves in body mind and spirit.

I will write more later when we are in Pana. The curves in the road are making it hard to type on my phone because every curve flips the orientation of the screen!

We send our love and have prayed for you every night!
Blessings and love from Guatemala!