Greetings family and friends,

We have made it to beautiful Panajachel and are settled into our rooms at the Rancho Grande Inn. We arrived late afternoon after taking a tour of the Salud Y Paz clinic in Camanchaj. Phil Plunk (founder of Salud Y Paz) spoke to us and told his story so we got a look at the history of the organization.

We had a couple of hours before dinner to settle in, make our way to the ATM or take a nap before dinner at the Pinguinos Restaurant in Pana. This restaurant provides a decent meal and a lot of entertainment. We were serenaded by the marimbas throughout the meal. We got to see how marimbas are made and what they are made from. Meredith helped demonstrate the result and was rewarded : ) We then got to try our hand at making tortillas. Trust me – it is not easy to do. Not a skill I have learned! Robin won the contest for the best tortilla! Next we had a singing contest and Peter sang “Guate, Guate” the loudest. Lots of fun for everyone.

We are now back in our rooms, soon to get rest before a fun day tomorrow. The entire team is taking a boat ride to Posada de Santiago for breakfast. It is a beautiful setting on the water and an excellent breakfast. We will then take the boat to Santiago for another shopping experience like the market : ) The church where Father Stanley Rother – an Oklahoma missionary – was killed during the civil war is in Santiago and is a reminder of what it means to love sacrificially in difficult times and places. Henry Nowen wrote a wonderful book about Father Rother’s story if you are interested.

After visiting Santiago we will take the 30 minute boat ride back across Lake Attilan and then rest, shop, zipline, play cards…. whatever we want to do. I’m excited that the entire team is going to Santiago! They are in for a treat!

We are well and tomorrow will give us a day to decompress before we head home. We are looking forward to seeing each of you soon!

Blessings tonight from Guatemala!