We are sitting in the airport as I write waiting for our flight. Roger and arole have boarded their flights and the rest of us wait until 2:52pm this afternoon to board ours. I imagine there will be reading, roaming, rummy, and cribbage before long. We don’t arrive back in Boston until 12:21 am and then will drive home from there. So a very long travel day!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We took a boat across the lake to Santiago and had breakfast at the Posada de Santiago. It was a great breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the ride over and the breakfast. We then went into the town of Santiago and visited the Catholic church where Father Stanley Rother was murdered for his work with the Mayans during the Civil War. It is a moving experience to visit the church and to see where he was killed and many of his belongings. For me it offers a heart mind connection to what we are doing here. When I am in the church I always pray for the compassion, courage, strength, and love that Father Rother offered to the people in the area.

We then experienced the market in Santiago and spent money on gifts : ) We boarded the boat around 11:30 to return to Panajachel. Some went back to their rooms and rested. Eileen and David went ziplining! And many went into the Pana market to spend what Quetzals they had!

Dinner was at CasaBlanca which offered a great meal. Juan and Manuela and Marcos joined us as did Clarissa (exec director of Salud Y Paz) and her family and Hannah – our host for the week. Archie was with us too of course! Then it was time to pack and get ready to leave the hotel at 6am.

I am sure there will be many tired folks tomorrow. I know I won’t get home until 3am if all goes well. Some won’t get home until later on Monday if they spend the night somewhere.

Be kind to the team when they return please. It is often a difficult transition to see what people have available here and then to return home to the excess we have there. Some folks will be quiet. Some irritable. Some emotional. It is normal.

I think we are ready to return home to our families, friends and work. We have had an incredible experience here filled with God moments and a real sense of a Spirit that has filled our team and pushed us to new limits and new experiences. We have been a blessing to many here in Guatemala and have also been blessed by each person we have come in contact with.

So we return home leaving a piece of our heart here… until next time.