Tuesday – April 28, 2015

Hello to all who are following our trip this week! First off I would like to just say how much we appreciate your support! You all got us here either by buying soup or lasagna, or supporting us through prayer and moral support! God has blessed us with the weather and getting us all here safely through the various modes of transportation.

Today was our first full day of working at the job site on New England Avenue. I personally have not worked with a more energetic and competent site supervisor in the 3 years I have been on these trips. Martha is very patient, which was good for me today because I had to measure and cut(with the help of Heather) the trim boards for the bathroom. To the kids that are following, it is important you pay attention and remember what you use in geometry class! I however, was not astute enough to do that ha ha. Martha was very supportive and encouraging, which I find very helpful when learning something knew. We also discovered that we both love musicals and are very big clean freaks! She was very appreciative of our efforts and thanked us regularly throughout the day. She also was touched by Nathan and Heathers relationship with Keith because she was very close with her grandfather and did everything with him. She told us “he taught me everything I know about life and I miss him a lot.” First time I ever saw a site supervisor cry.?

There was lots of sanding, mudding, cleaning and even touching up paint on the outside of the house! We had a special visit from one of the founders, Liz and the construction manager, Sean. After a long day of working, we literally chased down an ice cream truck that oddly enough was playing Christmas music ha ha. After enjoying our artificially flavored ice, we took pictures which you can view on our FB page with Martha. Unfortunately some of our team members will be working elsewhere tomorrow and Martha’s last day with us is tomorrow. Some of us said our goodbyes and came home to recuperate and veg out.

I had the pleasure of making dinner for everyone. Enjoyed the extra help from both RJ and Nate. After scarfing down Mac n Cheese and salad, we had our communion together. Larry did a wonderful job of leading our worship service. Reading Romans 1-13, reminded me not only of God’s sacrifice for us but of others who have sacrifices of their own. 100% of the community here in St. Bernard’s Parish 10 years ago made sacrifices they were not prepared for. We, as a team, have offered ourselves as living sacrifices for God. He is using us as his hands and feet to reach out to the community here in New Orleans. Not just by painting, or mudding or sanding but by even the simplest conversations we may have with those we encounter down here. It is extremely humbling and I know for myself, that I would not have thought of ever being an effective tool for God as I have felt the last two days. God has blessed this community but also has blessed each of the team members here.

After some much needed prayer time some of us played games and just enjoyed each others company. It is evident that friendships have formed and existing friendships have been made stronger. As I sit here typing this, I look forward to the future days with this team, this community that has formed. I pray that God blesses those still waiting for homes, continues to bless those who have received homes and keeps us all safe for whatever future he has planned for us this week. Please keep not only the team in your prayers but those involved in the process of building these homes!

God Is Good all the time, All the time God is Good.

Peace to you!
Letitia Sims