Well my day started the same as everyone else’s I woke up had some very unusual breakfast to some they think that a breakfast is what starts your day and that it should be healthy but to me I grab what I can and today it was a bag of cheeto’s.

We drove to the work site and started to work where me and Mike did some of the texturing in the bathroom. My prep job for that was so bad we had to redo that whole prep job for the bathroom which took even longer than it should have. After that I helped out with some little things around the site mostly just some finish jobs around the front and then I helped a lot by staying out of the way on the couch.

After work today we went to Jackson Square where we entered the museum for the Katrina hurricane and Mardi Gras. That exhibit really showed how scary it would’ve been for all those people that were in that situation. Although I had to read (L) it still taught me that even though we have our lives all fine and dandy up there in New Hampshire people still exist in other parts of the world. And those people might need our help sometimes when they are in trouble.

After the museum we headed over to a French place for some beignets (French doughnut). If you haven’t seen the pics yet from this Mission trip you should really look at how clean my black shirt was after I ate that flour filled doughnut. Although the beignet’s were delicious the time came for us to move on.

We followed Heather to who knows where because she hasn’t been to NOLA yet. But we still followed her to the actual market and went browsing for awhile. I saw quite a few hats that I wanted but the first time the guy said that having holes in the hat was the style (I really disagreed) the next guy wasn’t even at his stand, a guy though came up and said he would give the money to the guy who runs this stand but said the hat was 15 dollars with tax and that that was the average price. The hat I wanted didn’t have a price tag so he said it must be 15 dollars because that’s what he sells them for. All the while Bampa’s (Keith) shaking his head saying no its not.

We moved on and talked about when we could get me a hat but we didn’t have any time to so we left and caught up with Patrick who went off to do his own thing. When we got to him a homeless guy saw our shirts we were sporting and asked if he could have some money for some food. I started to pull out a dollar but Bampa said “No, put that away, I”ve got some food for him”. Bampa took out a granola bar and handed it to him. He said that he can’t eat it because he had no teeth. He opens his mouth and shows us and so Bampa’s conclusion for that was fruit gummy’s so he gave the man some gummy’s and then he asked if he could have some money for a bottle of water. But Bampa came to the rescue again and gave the man a bottle of water. Which then made the guy shut up. After we were far enough away from him Bampa says that he wanted money for drugs, never give a homeless person money always give them food or water never money.

After that we went to the parking area where if you had lost your ticket you would have to pay 40 dollars. The diner we went to I think that only three people wanted to go to because everyone else said that either the fries were bad or that the sizing for the burgers were very large. After the burgers we drove home and then I turned on my laptop to type this blog but then found out that my laptop’s time was past 8 so I couldn’t go on. So yeah that’s Wednesday not really that much but yeah.

Nathan Launchbury