Free Learning Workshop for Middle and High School Parents and Educators May 11, 7pm at St. John’s

Parents and educators of middle and high school students are invited to a free ‘learning to learn’ workshop Monday May 11 from 7-8:30 pm at St. John’s Methodist, Dover.

The workshop, presented by Dan Apple of Pacific Crest, will help parents learn how to identify and help their children improve specific transferable learning skills while they are engaged in school work, independent learning, conversations, and/or projects.

The workshop is part of a free workshop series on a variety of educational topics being presented in various locations around the Seacoast.

Dan Apple, the presenter and president of Pacific Crest, explains “Our company has more than 22 years of experience creating student success in high school and college classrooms around the country.

“As a father and member of the local community, I can bring this level of commitment home to the New Hampshire seacoast. By partnering with local schools and churches, we’re able to offer some really special free community-based opportunities.”

For more information, call 603-475-9245 or visit