Dear St. John’s Church Family,

I am writing this special note for the purpose of calling a Special Church Conference (a meeting of all the members of the congregation) for Sunday, July 26,  2015 at 10:45 AM for the purpose of acting on a recommendation of our Board of Trustees, to sell a piece of land that we own in Middleton, NH.

In March of 2009, a Special Church Conference accepted a bequest from the estate of Russell Newell.  The bequest contained a small amount of cash, as well as several parcels of land.  Up to this point the cash has been used to pay the real estate taxes on the various pieces of property until each was disposed of.  The sole remaining piece of land is a 0.22 acre parcel on Sunrise Drive in Middleton, NH, which was originally valued at $38,800.  The Trustees have listed the property with various realtors over the years, initially asking $29,900.  Not having received any interest in the property, the asking price has been reduced regularly, with our current asking price of $10,000 (the asking prices have been set by the Trustees).  An offer, which the Trustees are recommending that we accept, is for $6,500.

Our District Superintendent, Rev. Jim McPhee, has authorized this Special Church Conference, and has empowered me to preside over the meeting.  Acting on our Trustees recommendation will be the only piece of business that will come before us.

In ministry with you,
Mark Monson Alley