Sacred dance is the blending of body and spirit. Dance is the outward expression with movement to sacred music.

Sacred or liturgical dance dates back to the Old Testament. Miriam danced and David danced. Dance is spoken of in the psalms. In the New Testament it is said to worship God with our whole being.

To me it is an outward expression of prayer. It is a gift both from God and to God. We dance to the glory of God.

I will be holding a workshop on Saturday, September 19th. Youth, age 6 thru middle school will meet from 9-10am. Adults, high school and above will meet from 10am-12pm.

Everyone is welcome. Young, old, male, female.

No experience is necessary. If you want to come and observe, please do.

For those interested in becoming a part of either the youth or adult dance choir, we will be learning specific choreography.

We will be starting regular rehearsals after this workshop. If you cannot make the workshop, please feel welcome to join us at the rehearsals. The time and days will be announced in the bulletin and Bell-Wether.

Janet Warfield
Sacred Dance Director