I want to remind everyone that the healing clinics will resume on the third Sunday of the month starting on September 20. We will be providing Healing Touch along with anointing and prayer. There will be opportunities for 4 people to receive this ministry. Sign-up is on the door to Pastor Mark’s office and the clinic is held there. If you are in pain, have health issues, are stressed, or have other needs for healing, God’s hands can touch you through Healing Touch. We would be blessed to serve you.

At our last meeting we discussed the possibility of building a labyrinth on St. John’s property. A labyrinth is a path with one way in and the same way out. It symbolizes the spiritual journey and can be used in a variety of ways including for healing. Many churches and retreat centers have labyrinths built on their land. Others have a labyrinth printed on canvas so it can be used inside. At the cathedral in Chartres, France a labyrinth was painted on the floor in ancient times and it still remains today. Please let me know if you are interested in this possible project. We hope to have a workshop in the next year so that more people can learn about labyrinths. And of course we will need to be in discussion with the trustees of the church to see if this dream can be brought to reality. We would be grateful if you would keep all of this process in your prayers. Watch the Bellwether and the weekly bulletin for future news about labyrinths.

Questions? Contact Jana Marie or 603-512-2178.