World Communion Sunday

October 4, 2015

Core Values Meditations – Week 3 of 3

For three Sundays, the members of the GrowingWithHope Team (Donna McAdam, Guy Eaton and Larry Holman) will be joining Pastor Mark in leadership of worship. This is week three of a three week worship/sermon series focused around the “Core Values” that the people of St John’s helped identify as the important values that we hold as a community of faith. The Church Council formally accepted them a couple months ago, and the Team wants to hold them up for us, and talk about what they mean in the context of our life of discipleship together. On 9/20 we focused on Loving and Serving – on 9/27 we looked at Faithful and Authentic – and
today we’ll conclude with Mindful and Inclusive.

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By Pastor Mark

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First Lesson ~ Mark 5:21-34
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As read by Larry Holman


by Larry Holman
©2015 Larry Holman
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Time: 7:50

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Second Lesson ~ Acts 11:1-18
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As read by Pastor Mark

Anthem Sample
“I See Jesus In The Face Of Every Child” ~ Grier, Everson
Published by Evergreen Morning Press
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St John’s UMC Chancel Choir
Referenced by Pastor Mark in his message


by the Rev. Mark Monson Alley
©2015 Mark Monson Alley
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