As you have no doubt read in the paper, or heard on the news, New Hampshire has had over 400 deaths due to drug overdoses in 2015 alone; and yet, we are nearly last in the nation in funding prevention, harm reduction and recovery services and programs.

Momentum is growing and a number of local groups have banded together to take action in order to save lives. Teams have formed to work on prevention strategies and programs in order to reduce the number of children and young adults experimenting and using drugs and alcohol. Other teams have formed to work on harm reduction programs such as free training on the use of Naloxone to save someone from an overdose of opiates, such as heroin, and the distribution of free Naloxone kits to those at risk or those who know someone at risk.

Yet another group has formed to research and setup treatment centers in Dover and Rochester that will offer telephone hotline and support, counseling and many other recovery related services at no, or low, cost to those being helped.

Work on these projects might involve things like distributing posters, perhaps a letter writing campaign, fundraising, researching property that could be used as a treatment center, help with writing grants, answering a support phone line for people calling in looking for recovery services or being a recovery coach. There are many different ways to be involved and I’m sure there is something that fits your particular passion in life where you can help.

If you are interested in being on one of these action teams or would like more information on how you might be able to help, please send me an e-mail and I will get you in contact with the right people. My e-mail address is

Larry Holman