This year’s celebration of the resurrection of Lord, begin with First Fire at 6 AM, at our outdoor chapel – overlooking the Bellamy River. This is a brief service – centered around the act of lighting the Christ candle with which we process into the sanctuary at the beginning of the Sunrise Service.

This year’s Sunrise Service will begin at 6:30 AM in the sanctuary. Beginning in darkness we are transformed by the light of Christ – death has been overcome – the light of Christ has cast out darkness.

Our annual Easter breakfast will follow the Sunrise Service. It will be hosted by our United Methodist Men, and will take place in Hartford Hall.

And our Easter celebration will reach a high point at both our 9 and 11 AM (notice the second service begins 30 minutes later than “normal”) worship services.

Do you have friends, family, neighbors or co-workers who don’t have a church home? Could they simply be waiting for an invitation from you to come to church? This would be a perfect time to extend an invitation.