?My name is Hannah Launchbury and this is my first time on a mission trip to New Orleans. Last summer I went on a mission trip with my church and my mom to El Salvador, which is a lot different than New Orleans. In El Salvador I saw a lot more people on the roads and they were all trying to sell items, like bananas, and other fruits.

But in New Orleans I’m seeing more trees and peoples houses are bigger. I’ve already experienced so much, like this morning I went on a swamp tour which was awesome to see all the alligators and crawfish. I also learned many things, I learned what Spanish moss is, what resurrection fern is and how cool it is. Resurrection fern lives on the outside of a live oak tree, the leaves roll up when there is no rain, and unfurl when there is rain. We also went to a slave plantation, and I also learned a lot there, I never knew how much history slaves had.

Although something’s did disturb me, like how the tour guide explained how a girl my age would be often be married to a man three times my age! I am glad I didn’t live then. I had so much fun today, and I am really excited to start work tomorrow.