We began our work week with an orientation by Saint Bernard Project in Chalmette but let me get back to that. Our journey began a couple of days earlier.


You never know what will happen or who you may meet or what direction God may lead you on these mission trips but one thing is certain, I never would have expected that while Patrick was at the wheel on a highway in Virginia, just north of the Tennessee line, an ill fated turkey would fly into the windshield of our rented 2016 Buick Enclave, leaving our windshield spider webbed and our roof dented. After checking to make sure everyone was alright, we pulled off at the next exit, brushed the glass off the dash and ourselves and took to the task of dealing with the crash.

The ordeal could have been much worse but it wasn’t. No one panicked or fussed. No one lamented over the time that was lost due to the extra time added. As a matter of fact, we had a very scenic ride through the back roads of Tennessee. The trees were green and the pastures were speckled with cattle. We even passed Bristol Motor Speedway on the way to the rental agency. We made it to the agency, and swapped out our vehicle for a Nissan Quest and hit the road with a story, albeit foul…

As I mention, we started our work week at a home owned by a 94 year old WWII. We’ve yet to meet him but sincerely look forward to it as he has been described as quite the character, and his daughter, quite the cook!

We worked on several projects today including, exterior painting and caulking, tile flooring, and door installation. The home is scheduled to be finished in mid May and by the looks of things, they’re doing well to finish on time.

All in all our trip so far has been filled with laughter, teamwork, talks and tears. We don’t know where this trip will take us, but there’s no doubt it’ll be one for the books.