Nathans POV of Wednesday

Well my day started the same as any other, I woke up. Sat in bed for quite some time till I needed to get ready. I’m one of those people who will spend 30 minutes relaxing then 5 minutes getting ready. As soon as everyone was ready we headed off for the work day, at Sullen Place. This was our 3rd day so we knew exactly what to do, so as soon as we got there we got to work. Now my job was flooring in the 1st bedroom. One word to describe laminate flooring in my opinion, FUN. I don’t think anyone else would agree. The only tricky thing with flooring (well what I found tricky) was the way you had to cut the board to make sure the cut side would be on the wall side underneath the drywall, that way the baseboards could go on with no mess. Now around 12 was lunch we had sat down with food which was prepared for us by the home owners daughter. After lunch I was excited to finish up the flooring in the room I had started, but an hour after we started Mr. Lee had showed up causing the work to stop, because we heard he had some great stories, but sadly I was thinking more about the floor then when he was sharing his story’s (thankfully my Grandfather (Keith) was listening in and will share one at the end of my blog). Right after Mr. Lee left I got to work on the floor, again to be ended within the hour because our site supervisors had to leave for a meeting (they had been skipping the entire week to work on the house). So since we had to leave early we decided not to waste the rest of the day (around 3 we had to leave). We managed to find our way to Café du Monde and the French market where I really only walked around and waited because I forgot to bring money. Then we walked up to the Mississippi river and waited a bit. After that we made our way home, and now I’m typing this. Well I hope you enjoyed this blog. SEE YA.

Nathan Launchbury

We had the distinct pleasure today of meeting our new home owner whose home we had been working on for three days this week. Mr. Lee was born on a plantation in 1924, and it was remarkable to think that he has seen so much change in his long life. A decorated World War Two Navy veteran , he saw active duty in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He was injured by shrapnel from the multiple attacks on his ship, and was even attacked by a Japanese kamikaze pilot after the war had been declared over. He is still a deacon in his church, he has four children, eighteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren, and he has also acted as a surrogate father for many people in his neighborhood. We really enjoyed meeting such a wonderful person, and we gave him a signed team T shirt as a reminder of the people who worked on his house this week. The team made great progress on his house, and we all did our best to make it a fitting home for Mr. Lee and his family.

Keith Launchbury