Day four of our mission trip as a group gave us all a chance to adapt and kind of go with the flow so to speak. We started at our new work site in Gentilly Place on an opportunity housing property, (which is a home for a future home owner). So this week we were able to experience both meeting the homeowner and working on a home that has not yet found a homeowner. It is located directly across the street from an elementary school. Our site supervisors Mikey, Tann and Ali all were very welcoming. Compared to Mr. Lee’s house, this house had a good portion done and we focused on caulking and painting doors and windowsills. I will admit I was a little bummed that all the doors were installed already. I had enjoyed learning that trade with Mike.

We would have liked to keep painting and continue the work on the house for the day, but we only had a half day. We spent the other half at the WWII museum which was amazing and very overwhelming at the same time. The amount of artifacts and the availability we had to individual stories made the war a little too real. I can’t fathom what it was like in Europe or in the Pacific during that time, or even here in the U.S., but I hope that we never again experience a travesty like that as a human race. It was good to go into depths of our worlds history, and I appreciate and thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice.

I learned that our site supervisor, Mikey, was an elementary school teacher. He and I shared stories and jokes about how much we miss our kids (sometimes more than others haha). With the school across the street and Mikey and mines discussion, it got me thinking. I thought about the kids in that school. Are they going to know the work we have done not only this year, but all the years the Lord has called us down here. Is Hurricane Katrina going to just be a history lesson for them? Or will their parents have stories to tell them about the destruction, devastation and also the rejuvenation their city? I also thought about my own kids at school, the kids from St. John’s. As I see Nathan, Hannah and Matthew experience the rebuilding, the stories of what has happened here I wonder the same thing. They will have their own stories to tell that I hope sticks with them for the rest of their lives. I know I have made memories in the years God has called me down here. I hope God continues to call us to help for as long as He seems fit and when we have helped as much as we can, we move on to another location. God’s presence is here. In the people we meet, the site supervisors that we work with and also in each one of us that feel the call from God.


So, it’s Thursday already, seems to soon to me. So we started our drive to the new site at 7:30 and, upon arrival, were immediately greeted by the site supervisors; Ali, Mikey, and Tann. After being shown about the house, we were split into our groups to paint, or caulk and putty door frames. After a work period which seemed way too short to be from 8-noon, we left for the World War II museum. I was excited to learn a bit more about our history, and I did. I learned that it was an extremely tragic event that should never, ever be repeated. That doesn’t even begin to describe what it was like. I don’t think I could. When we left at 5, we went for dinner and later returned to the house.