An Invitation to serve

For the second year, members of Pleasant Street United Methodist Church in Waterville are preparing for an extraordinary journey. Last year six members of their church, joined by 12 folks from other churches, made the trip to Guatemala to spend a week working at a mission station which provides a school and a medical clinic to meet some of the needs of the Mayan community. Several (at least 5) of those who went last year will be returning this year. The nine day trip will provide opportunity to actually work at the mission station, to get to know some of the amazing people who give years of their lives to serve in the name of Jesus, to play with the beautiful Mayan children during recess periods, to enjoy Guatemalan hospitality and food, and to know that you are fulfilling the directives of Jesus to “go into all the world to share the gospel”. Rev. Dr. David Glusker, who is returning for his fifth trip to Guatemala, is organizing this opportunity for mission. He is willing to accommodate up to twenty team members. Several other folks have indicated strong interest in accompanying the group. Expenses involved include the air tickets (estimated to be $450-600 per person), $750 per person to cover eight nights in hotels and most meals, and a share of a $2,300 contribution to the mission station. This contribution helps to cover the cost of materials used by the team to help the mission. In addition, each person will need about $100, to cover a few additional meals.

If you have any interest in joining this mission team and flying to Guatemala on October 8th, contact David Glusker (207) 215-9457 or as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the trip, contact David ASAP.