Welcome to the Wanakee Wilderness 5K! A fantastic day to support the missions, ministries and youth programs of Wanakee!

Race Date: August 13th
Registration: 7:30 am – Start-time: 9AM

Join us for the Wanakee Wilderness 5K in conjunction with the 2016 Homecoming! The event is being held as part of a campaign to assist with the continued restoration of the exterior of the Farm House, the 200 year-old building that has served the “front door” to the camp since its inception.

The 5K is a challenging but exciting course tracing through the beauty of the local hills and valleys of the camp. Check out the course map and the detailed 5K support page at Wanakee.org You simply can’t beat the view from Look Out Point, the granite rocks of Lemon Squeeze and the cool breeze from the Waterfront.

After the race, hang around for a little while to participate in the rest of the day’s Homecoming activities.