Visiting worship leader speaks about Preacher’s Aid

On Sunday, January 22nd, Rev. Dr. Wesley Palmer, the Executive Director of the Preacher’s Aid Society of New England, will be our guest preacher at both services.

From their website: “The Preachers’ Aid Society exists, in the words of our Articles of Incorporation, ‘to assist in the support of aged, ill or needy ministers who serve or who have served under appointment in the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (including its predecessor conferences), their families, surviving spouses, and dependent children, and in furtherance of such purpose, to receive, hold, administer and distribute funds, in its own name or as a trustee, and to issue annuities.’”

As the relatively new Executive Director of PAS, Rev. Palmer is making his way around the conference to introduce himself and to make us more aware of the ministry of this wonderful organization.

Please help Wes to find a warm welcome among us!