2018 Mission of Peace will head to Cuba

High school students, apply now to join the Northeastern Jurisdiction’s 2018 Mission of Peace (MOP) to Cuba. This life-changing journey of discovery and shalom is a chance to learn how people around the world live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The approximate dates are Dec. 28, 2017 to Jan. 12, 2018. The estimated cost per participant is $4,200. Applications for the 2018 MOP are due Feb. 1, 2017. Applications should be returned to Director of Connectional Ministries/Assistant to the Bishop Erica RobinsonJohnson.

To learn more about the Mission of Peace history and mission, go to: http://neumcemail.brtapp.com/files/fileshare/about%20mop%20

For information and the application, go to: http://neumcemail.brtapp.com/files/fileshare/mop%20general%20application%202018%20cuba.pdf