Greetings from Guatemala!

Yesterday was a very full day of travel. We all left our homes or hotels around 4:00 am to begin the day and arrived in Guatemala around 2:00pm. Our travel was uneventful. Flights on time and connections made. Roger (who came from Indiana) made his connection with 4 minutes to spare! We all connected in Guatemala – the Boston group, Roger from Indiana, Rupert
from Atlanta, and Sally from Tennessee!

It was a grand reunion of old and new! All of our personal luggage and all 18 mission suitcases made it to Guatemala! Thank you God!

The lawyer met us at the airport and guided Beth and Peter through the process of the inspection of the mission luggage with medication. Whoever does that role cannot do it again for 3 years – their passport is marked. Beth and Peter did a great job! It took about 45 minutes (the team patiently waited) and we were passed with no tax owed. They charge a major tax if they deem the medications to be worth more than $500.00. They marked ours at $475.00 even though they are worth $4000.00. Don\’t ask. Crazy system here : )

We then loaded the chicken bus (see pic) for a 4 hour drive to Chichicastenango. We arrived at the hotel around 7:30pm. It was hazy here and lots of burning of fires – rubbish and other things, so the scenery was not as beautiful last night. It was also getting dark. We stopped for gas once and then made our way to the Hotel Santo Tomas.

After getting our rooms and putting luggage in them, we went to dinner in the hotel dining room. This is a beautiful hotel. Pictures today maybe of the hotel.

We were so exhausted from all the travel yesterday that we were in bed and asleep by 10pm (midnight at home). We went to sleep by the sounds of barking dogs and rumbling trucks… I pray everyone slept well!

It i now morning and we are getting ready for breakfast and the market! We will visit the cemetary, have some lunch and then drive 3 hours or so to Cunen – our working destination.

I am grateful to have had a good nights rest and for safe travels yesterday and to be back in familiar places that I have come to love so. God\’s world is just so great and the connections we forge are so powerful. The team was laughing and having great conversation last night! We are already a team and a family! I am grateful for each person here, and looking forward to what God has in store for each of us.

Thank you for journeying with us! Keep us in your prayers. We will pray for you as well.

Linda Brewster