Dear friends and family,

Another wonderful day in Guatemala! Our stay in Chichi was brief but after breakfast we headed to the cemetery to check out how different they are! Chichi is predominantly Mayan and so the cemetery holds many Mayan ceremonies and customs. We were able to witness a ceremony of a young couple where the wife was having some health issues. The woman priest built a special fire (see pic). She then invited the couple over… we did not take pictures of that… to perform a ceremony. We also witnessed a Maya ceremony of burning candles and spreading of flower petals. Both times we had permission to take pictures. The cemetery is filled with colorful tombs and many mounds of dirt covered with cement and adorned with a simple cross.

While at the ceremony we visited a friend Rosa\’s house. The team was able to see how her family lives. One room for 5 people and an outside kitchen that was very basic. The picture of the 3 children are her children.

We then went to the market filled with colors and sounds and smells. It probably felt overwhelming for some but it was a great experience and I quickly came to know who knows how to shop! We then had lunch and hit the road for Cunen.

The drive to Cunen at times is breathtaking, meaning it is so beautiful! It is mountainous and the roads are winding up and down the mountains. It was another long 4 hour drive. Our team picture is taken on the overlook above Cunen. The concentrated white area in one of the pics is the Cunen cemetery. Cunen is populated like Portland Me but has only the health care provided by Salud Y Paz.

We are now safely at the hotel. We have had dinner and some played cribbage! Conversation was lively. We met and talked about tomorrow. I suspect there are some nerves about the unknowns but I have no doubt that God will provide and tomorrow morning we will set up a medical clinic in an hour and be seeing patients like we have done it every day for the past year.

Pray for us tomorrow as we gel as a medical team and begin to meet locals and provide them the care they need. I have no doubt that God will provide what we need as well as what the Mayans in this area need.

So after a day of intense culture shock, we are getting needed rest and getting ready for all the unknowns of tomorrow..

I continue to be grateful to have you on this journey with us! Your loved ones speak of you often and know that your hearts are with them. Thank you for all the ways you have supported them and this mission.

FYI We had a glitch with the emails. Evidently Seth\’s server at work is less able to take the number of emails so he had to split the first list again. All it means for you is that you may have gotten the email 3 times as Seth tried to get it out and wasn´t sure who it went to. I think we have the glitches fixed. I am sending this to Seth tonight but there is a strong likely hood that I will not be able to get it sent until I reach higher ground tomorrow! Oh I\’ll try to send bigger pics too! Thanks for the feedback David!

Blessings on your sleep tonight. Know that your loved ones are having a great time together and building lots of new relationships.

Linda Brewster